Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on Dogs


We are all familiar with the pesky flea and most people probably don't see them being a major problem with the exception of the annoying bite but fleas can be a major health issue for your pet. When a flea or tick bites, they consume some blood from the dog. There are many cases where dogs and cats are covered so badly with fleas that they develop a condition called flea anemia (or tick anemia). Anemia by definition is a condition where the red blood cell volume is drastically decreased. If left untreated a severe case of flea or tick anemia could be fatal.


Another issue that should be of concern is that fleas can carry tapeworms. The dog will usually bite and eat the flea and could potentially introduce another problem into his system.


Treatment for Fleas and Ticks

There are a lot of great products at this website out there that can help you rid your home and pet of fleas. In most cases you will want to contact a professional to treat your home and yard. However there are a variety of foggers  out there that you can use to treat your home. Keep in mind that due to the lifecycle of the flea you may need to retreat your home a couple weeks after the first treatment.


Here are a few safety tips that you will want to consider if you do decide to treat your home yourself:

o             Vacuum the carpet before and after treating - you will want to remove as many flea eggs from the carpet as possible

o             Remove food, water dishes and other consumable products from your home.

o             Move toys and bedding to a safe location

o             Always read the label and follow the directions of the product that you use

o             Always consult with your vet if you have any questions regarding the safety of the product that you decide to use.


Your home is not the only thing that you need to consider treating for fleas. Your pet will need to be treated around the same time as your home. The majority of the adult fleas will most likely be on your pet so if your dog is not treated you will not be able to break the cycle.  For more facts and information about dogs, you can go to



There are a variety of products at this homepage out there to help you treat fleas on your pet. There are various products that can successfully rid your dog of fleas. The key is to follow the directions and make sure that the product you use is the right one for your pet.