Common Dog Health Problems You Should Know


When it comes to pets, most people prefer keeping dogs because of reasons such as loyalty, security and companionship. If you are planning to have a dog as pet, then you really need to educate yourself  on a few common health issues that your dog will likely encounter. Knowing such issues beforehand can help you put preventative measures in place to ensure that your dog is healthy most of the time. The following article discusses common health problems that your dog will likely encounter.


Ear Infections


Ear infections are very common in dogs and other canines. These infections are primarily caused by bacteria, though other causes include ear mites, yeast or hair growth. Some of the common symptoms you'll likely notice in your dog include ear odor, scratching, head shaking, ear discharge, loss of balance, swelling of ear canal, redness and unusual eye movements. You can deal with the condition by cleaning and applying medicine in the ear canal. Though, the most recommended action is to take your dog to a certified vet for checkup and treatment, visit website here!




Worm infestation is another common health condition that you'll find in most dogs. By their default, dogs are curious creatures that will swallow just about anything they find on a given site. Because of such behavior, it becomes easy for all kinds of parasites to get into their systems. Some of the common parasites you'll find in a dog system include roundworms,whip worms, tapeworms and hookworms. The above mentioned worms can be dealt with medication but it is important to know how dangerous hookworms are, particularity to puppies.Common symptoms that will show that your dog is infected by worms include diarrhea and weight loss. If you notice such signs, the you should immediately contact a vet to take care of the situation, read more here!





Once you decide to keep a dog as pet, then be prepared to deal with cases of diarrhea from time to time. Diarrhea is usually caused by a number of things such as internal parasites, stress, parvo virus etc. Diarrhea is not only a disturbing condition but can also cause your dog to lose a lot of weight. The above mentioned conditions are very common in most dogs. If you are planning to keep a dog as pet, then you better be prepared to deal with such conditions from day one. If you educate yourself about dog health, then there is no reason why you won't have a great time with your furry friend. If you want to learn more about dog's health, you can visit